Brace Yourselves: io9 and Gizmodo Are Now One Epic Website

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“We come from the future.”

That’s been the tagline for since the website was launched in 2008. And it’s a phrase that perfectly, brilliantly sums up exactly what both and offer our readers: intelligent, funny, authoritative dispatches from the future — whether that future is contained to the real world or exists in a fantastical fictional one. Which is why I knew that when we combined io9 and Gizmodo into one website, a change that was announced earlier this year and takes effect today, that would be the tagline to unite and represent the mandate of our new, integrated publication. So I stole it.


For the last seven years, the team at io9 has done incredible work. They broke the news about The Hobbit becoming a trilogy (and then explained why that was a mistake.) They’ve published revealing interviews with George R.R. Martin, J.J. Abrams, Hugh Jackman, and William Gibson. And they’ve analyzed everything from why Maleficent fell short to how Leonard Nimoy changed television to why Mad Max: Fury Road was such a goddamn miracle. Plus they revealed just how dystopian The Daily Show looks when you binge-watch 16 years of it, and how Star-Blazers can save your life.

That deft coverage of culture and entertainment isn’t changing. But by combining io9 and Gizmodo, we’re offering readers a one-stop shop for coverage of technology, science, and the fictional worlds that imagine how both might change the world (for both better and for worse). The Gizmodo of the future (which our newly combined staff — now 30 strong — has taken to calling Iomodo) will still offer authoritative, honest technology reporting and product reviews, accessible and bullshit-free science coverage, epic Sploid eye candy, and “where the hell did Matt Novak find that?” Paleofuture insights into the future as seen from the past. And now, it’ll also offer io9’s signature morning spoilers posts, outrageously detailed movie trailer deep dives, and thoughtful essays on the meaning and creation of pop culture.

And there’s even more to look forward to. With io9 aboard, our bigger and better Gizmodo team will be taking on more ambitious projects—from bolder features to a brand new reviews program to some insane video series that you need to see to believe. And we’ll be making some design improvements to better serve all of you, and improve how our stories look and read. The future is going to be very good. Take it from people who know.

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Oh good, that means we can expect I09 to be full of click bait garbage like this.…

Oh joy.