Brando Steps in With a USB Itching-Removal Device

Illustration for article titled Brando Steps in With a USB Itching-Removal Device

Ever get that feeling where you just hear or see the word "itch," and suddenly you need to scratch something? Brando's obviously playing on our hypochondria with this USB-powered "itching removal instrument." I think I need it.


Just writing the 38 words above, I've scratched my wrist about six times now. While this is obviously another shitty USB toy which you'll use three times and then throw in a box with all your other Brando junk, the thought of the electric razor-shaped tool using "electronic and optical spectrum technology" to suck up any mosquito bite-badness or dry skin sounds exactly what I need right now. Even if I'm only scratching due to some crazy psychosomatic reason. On sale at Brando for $15. [Brando]



Itching removal??? hmmm, what kind of itch?