Brazil's World Cup Logo Sure Looks Like Someone Facepalming

Illustration for article titled Brazils World Cup Logo Sure Looks Like Someone Facepalming

With less than 50 days to go before Brazil hosts the World Cup finals, chatter over whether it's prepared has been growing by the day. This doesn't help: The event's logo is being ridiculed for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the internet's favorite way to express disgust, shame, or embarrassment—the ol' facepalm.


Twitter user Holly Brocks pointed out the similarity yesterday, but the comparison has taken on a life of its own:


It's a joke that probably rankles with FIFA and Brazil, which has spent billions preparing for the influx of tourists.

But keep in mind: It could be so, so much worse. As far as major international event logos go, a facepalm is relatively innocuous. After all, at least it doesn't look like Pedobear. Or cartoons having sex. Or just being downright creepy.

Image: Andrew Liszewski.

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LOL @ depicting hands in the shape of a ball for a sport where you can't use your hands.