Breakfast Bike Tray Spells Death Wish

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Eating while driving is inadvisable, but at least you have a bunch of "car" between you and the thing you hit. Not so when you're on a bicycle, which is why this BreakFast tray—which holds your breakfast AND has a slot for a cup—is probably a bad idea. Sure, if you can manage to balance yourself, pedal, chew and read a newspaper at the same time, then you might not kill yourself while using this BreakFast tray. But if you're like any of the bike riders we've seen around Giz HQ, you're just asking for a free ambulance ride (that you actually have to pay for later). [Produktdesign via Wired via Dvice]



Great, the first time he turns a corner too fast or hard, his eggs are going to go sunny-side down. Plus, the design is bad. With the cup being closer to the rider, it makes it difficult to reach for the food. I actually like the idea (conceptually), but bad execution.