Are highly quotable, questionably cheesy lines essential to make an action movie good? Not necessarily—but they will help make them memorable. Long after the fight scenes and blow-'em-up sequences have faded from memory, we will—all of us—still be imitating Arnie in T2. Now you can follow the grammatical construction of some of cinema's most bad-ass and completely ridiculous catchphrases. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

The relentless data lovers at PopChartLab—seriously, at the end of days, all that's left will be rubble, potentially some cockroaches, and PopChartLab somehow, someway, continuing to churn out infographical posters—have broken down these iconic moments into parse trees. Why? Well, surely there are a handful of former English majors who also go goddamn nuts for Dirty Harry and Inigo Montoya.


Speaking of Inigo Montoya… some of the featured films stretch the definition of the action genre, for sure. You've got your Point Break and your Lethal Weapon, but The Godfather's on there, Rocky IV's on there. It's a loose grouping, but lots of solid wordage represented.

Are there commonalities between how the quotes are put together? If I'm honest, I am an English major who also goes goddamn nuts for Inigo Montoya and I still find these tough to decipher. It's a stretch, to be sure, but true to form it it looks good on the page. Purchase a print for $29 here. [PopChartLab]