Breaking: Pogue Reviews the iPhone, Gives it 1.5 Thumbs Up

David Pogue of the NYTimes got his iPhone review up (the first one by 3 minutes. Suck it, Mossberg!), oh boy! So what's he think of it? Well, he likes it. Sort of. He's taken with the design, but has some reservations overall.

First, he likes the design.

The phone is so sleek and thin, it makes Treos and BlackBerrys look obese.

And he doesn't mind the keyboard all that much either.

Two things make the job tolerable. First, some very smart software offers to complete words for you, and, when you tap the wrong letter, figures out what word you intended…Second, the instructional leaflet encourages you to "trust" the keyboard (or, as a product manager jokingly put it, to "use the Force").


It seems like Apple did things right. AT&T, on the other hand…

The bigger problem is the AT&T network. In a Consumer Reports study, AT&T's signal ranked either last or second to last in 19 out of 20 major cities. My tests in five states bear this out. If Verizon's slogan is, "Can you hear me now?" AT&T's should be, "I'm losing you."

But otherwise, you have to use AT&T's ancient EDGE cellular network, which is excruciatingly slow. The New York Times's home page takes 55 seconds to appear;, 100 seconds; Yahoo. two minutes. You almost ache for a dial-up modem.

Ouch. Well, there's always next generation for people who want to, well, use the Internet.

The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype [NY Times]


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