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Breaking: Tivo Boxes to Download Amazon Unboxed Videos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to view Amazon and TiVo just made me wet my pants with what could be a killer app in the digital video distribution arms race: TiVo Series 3 and 2 set top boxes will be living room conduits for content from Amazon's Unbox video download service. This is the first single box solution that intermingles downloadable broadband video and traditional TV in one place. With TiVo's amazing UI, user base (1.5 million), and Amazon's selection (4 out of the big 6 studios) these guys are going to have a serious setup. But the tech is in beta, so they're not really launching anything, with only a select group of a couple hundred customers getting the first taste. Clearly, this is a response to Mega-corp Walmart's online video download service announced just 24 hours ago.


Steve Jobs, where are you? And why aren't you announcing deals with all of the major studios?

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