Bring a Bricked iPhone to the Genius Bar and Talk to the Hand (Video)

Here's a video of a guy named Jean being surprised to find out what we learned earlier in the week: Any sort of iPhone app installation, unlocked or not, won't be supported by the warranty Indian Givers at Apple. No Service for You! What brings the whole situation home for me is to see the loss and pain this guy's face expresses as he finds out he's SOL. That is, until the hackers figure out how to reverse the bricking. (Which this kind Apple Genius agrees is the only hope, as he's rendered unable to help.) Turn up the headphones, this one is muddled. The Lesson is, if you're going to try to slip one by Apple, play dumb: "What's an app?"



@globel: You're living in a weird little world.

Firstly, Apple never slandered any developers. I'd like to see which legal troll comes out of the woodwork to make such a goofy claim.

Secondly, Apple has no control over the source and nature of unauthorized applications loaded onto the phone, thus cannot guarantee that your phone will operate properly upon installation of these applications. If your phone bricked after the firmware update but your phone was unmodded, then I can see the big problem, if your phone bricked after the update and you had third party stuff crammed into it, you don't really have much to bitch about, especially since you were all specifically warned that this would happen.

As previously suggested, play dumb, and keep your trap shut. A bricked phone won't show you what you did to it software-wise, and even an unmodded phone can brick.