Bring a little precognition and death into your life today, with "Machine of Death"

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Inspired by this Dinosaur Comic panel, a group of web comics geeks have self-published a creepily wonderful scifi anthology called Machine of Death - all about what would happen if you knew how you were going to die.

And today, they are experimenting with Machine of Death via the machine known as Amazon, by attempting to make their indie creation into a top seller just for today. So celebrate death by checking out their book and maybe even spending a little cash on it.


David Malki, one of the book's editors, writes in to say:

MACHINE OF DEATH is a sci-fi anthology based around a premise in a "Dinosaur Comic" by Ryan North. It's also got stories by Randall "xkcd" Munroe and Yahtzee "Zero Punctuation" Croshaw, and illustrations by a million webcomics folks including Kate Beaton, Aaron Diaz, John Allison, Kris Straub, etc. etc. the list is seriously very long.

The book is about a machine that can tell you, cryptically but with 100% accuracy, how you are going to die.

Every story takes this base concept and spins it into a new direction!

The publishers (i.e. us) are trying to prove that a little indie book can make a big splash! We're organizing an Amazon flash-mob to concentrate all sales onto a single day - Tuesday, October 26. We learned that it only takes a few hundred sales to become a Number One bestseller for one single day! And that is all we want.


Check out the official website for Machine of Death.