Illustration for article titled Britain Putting CCTV Cameras in Homes to Make Sure Kids Do Their Homework

Thousands of "the worst families in England" are being put in "sin bins," or subsidized housing outfitted with closed-circuit cameras. The cameras will be used to ensure that children do their homework and go to bed on time. Holy shit.


The justification for this action is that if kids have structured upbringings, they won't get sucked into street crime and drugs. And because the housing is subsidized, the government isn't technically putting cameras in private homes; these are public homes.

But still, the precedent this sets is terrifying. This is the definition of a nanny state, a government that doesn't trust its citizens to live their lives autonomously so it sticks its nose into every little aspect of them for their own good.


Really, I think this can all be traced back to the Children's Secretary, Ed Balls. I mean, obviously Mr. Balls was mocked mercilessly as a child for his hilarious name. But really, Balls, do you have to take it out on the children of Britain? [Daily Express via Gadget Lab]

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