British Man Invents 8,000 Mile Per Gallon Car

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While it's not quite a Lexus, it is a start. A enterprising fellow from Britain invented a car that he believes can go 8,000 miles before it needs a fill up. It cost only $3,689 to build and weighs 126 pounds. The inventor, Andy Green, is no stranger to inventing fuel efficient cars and is the current record holder in Britain for such engineering. Taking two years to build, this isn't exactly the most powerful car on the block, powered by only a 35cc engine. The car is to be entered in a competition in France to determine the most fuel efficient car, where rules state that all such cars must be able to plod along at a blazing 18 miles per hour. So for all of you out there feeling the pinch at the gas pump, might you want consider looking like a dork and watching children in tricycles go faster than you.

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