British School Names a House After Banksy, Banksy Gives Them a Mural

Turns out Banksy inspires more people than just hipsters and art snobs. Bridge Farm Primary, an elementary school in Bristol, England, recently named a school house after the infamously anonymous artist. And Banksy just returned the favor.


The school discovered this full mural (below) this morning after returning from a mid-term break. According to Jon Kay, reporter for BBC News, the school’s caretaker saw the painting as vandalism and wanted to remove it. The Banksy team says the mural is completely genuine.


Aside from a rare Banksy signature in the bottom left corner, the artist also left word with the students, saying thanks for the honor. He or she even gave them some good life advice:

The four school houses were named after legends tied to Bristol in some way. Blackbeard, John Cabot, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel also received the esteemed honor.

[BBC via Colossal]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

What’s the meaning of the kid pushing a burning tire?

Also, how has Banksy never been caught in the act? Is he just very quick? Does he do it at night? If so, how does he keep the area lit without getting noticed? So many questions!