British TV Box Prompts Sea Rescue

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Oops, this is somebody's big mistake. It looks like a 67 year old woman's Freeview TV set-top box sent out an emergency signal that launched 2 lifeboat rescue teams in Wembury, England. Poor Mary Donaldson was stupefied when officials from the Falmouth Coast Guard showed up at her door, asking why she would have sent the mayday signals. The same problem occurred in January in Portsmouth, England (which is near to Wembury) but there doesn't seem to be a logical answer for these rare instances at the moment.

"Any box that is capable of receiving is capable of transmitting, and they somehow flipped from receiving to sending. These are two instances in the millions of boxes being used. It's a very small number, and we don't believe it is a widespread problem," says an Ofcom spokesman.


TV box launches sea rescue search [BBC News]

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