Brown Zune Looks Like It's Made of Swamp Water Jello

Brown Zune Looks Like It's Made of Swamp Water Jello
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Jason Chen likes the brown Zune, but I think it looks like swamp water gelatin. The black one is actually black and blue, making it cool like squid ink, space, and fonzie. Then there's the white, which looks like a...classic iPod. What do you think? If you need a reminder, check out our review, and our gallery .

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Lance Wallen

I'm honestly torn. I've been looking forward to this thing for months now and I still havn't decided between the brown or black.

The white is obviously the ugly one ;)

I like the sleek sort of 'techy' look of a black player with a glowy blue bit, but I also really like the earthy look of a brown with green glowy.

I'll probably make the decision at the counter tomorrow when i get my hands on one.