Browse Through 1350 Leaked iPad Apps

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Appadvice has piggybacked on Apple's servers to unearth 1350 (or so) brand new, fully approved iPad apps arriving for launch. Watch as they flip through 700 apps on video, or just dig through the archive at your leisure:

There's a whole lot to dig through, so definitely share any exciting spots with us all in the comments. Even though at least 1300 of these apps are surely crap, the scope of what we'll see on launch day (just in our lead photo that includes art, game, utility and cooking apps) pretty unparalleled for a new product with (sort of) its own platform. [Appadvice]


I am going to make the assumption that every post today is an April Fools joke. Maybe the fact that I am so paranoid as to believe that everything is a joke IS the joke, but, I have been here long enough to know the day isnt going to pass without something or someone being fooled. I have got my eye on you Giz....