Bruce Banner gets irked: a spoilery synopsis of the New York Comic Con Avengers footage!

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Several of the Avengers assembled onstage at the New York Comic Con to premiere some brand new Hulkcentric footage! Here are the details.


We'll have a lot more amazing tidbits from the panel later on, like Agent Coulson's version of The Avengers' theme song, Mark Ruffalo saying "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," and a sea of ladies swooning over Loki (seriously he's the new hotness, you heard it here first). But first, let's dissect that new footage for you...

A little girl runs down the street, through a nondescript Indian village and into a city. She runs upstairs into a crowded house and starts begging for help from the doctor. The camera pans to reveal Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) standing over a group of very sick patients. He asks if her family has what these poor folks have as well. She says yes and holds up a fist of cash. Bruce follows her.

Cut to Bruce and the little girl standing in front of a rundown shack. She runs forward, but Bruce holds her back and turns around, just as a jeep full of military personnel drives by. Bruce hides his face.

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Bruce then follows the little girl into the remote home, far away from the crowded city we saw moments ago and into a shack. He walks through the door just in time to witness the little tyke jump out the window. He immediately knows it's a trap, "Should have got the money up front, Banner."

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) steps out from behind the shadows. "For a man who's trying to avoid stress, you picked a hell of a place to do it." She's not in her usual Black Widow catsuit. Instead, she's wearing a long dress. She introduces herself as Natasha Romanoff.


Bruce shakes his head, "You brought me to the edge of the city. Are you here to kill me Miss Romanoff? Because that's not going to work out."

"I'm here on behalf of SHIELD."

"What if I say no."

"I'll persuade you."

"What if the other guy says no." (Crowd goes nuts.)

"You've been two years without an accident." They continue to argue a bit and Natasha reveals that Nick Fury needs Bruce's help with a Tesseract rock, which has enough energy to wipe out the planet. They can't find it and they need the best gamma ray scientist for the job. She continues to try to win him over stating, "No one is going to put you in a cage." But at that moment Bruce loses it. "Stop lying to me!" he yells as he slams his hands on on the table. (Crowd goes nuts again.)


Bruce looks up and Natasha has pulled her gun on him. She's terrified.

And then it's a stand-off. Bruce tries to calm himself saying that we can do this without getting "him" involved. Slowly Natasha brings the radio up and orders everyone to stand down. Cut to an aerial shot of the hut surrounded by massive team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, all pointing their guns at the shack.


They're really building up the unbridled rage of the Hulk well. It killed. If anyone had any doubts about the Ruffalo casting, this scene certainly silenced any Norton loyalists. The Avengers will open in theaters on May 4th, 2012.


James Whitbrook

I've not really understood the Anti-Ruffalo/Pro-Norton thing when it comes to The Avengers. It feels like people are scrambling for something bad to say, almost like an 'Aha! Gotcha!' sideswipe, just to stand out from the all the gushing.

I mean, I really liked Ed Norton in TIH, but we've seen so little of Ruffalo in the role yet, whose to say he can't give us a Banner to match Norton's? He's a fine actor. Even with an apparent early buzz around his performance like this, just wait and see what Bruce is like in the movie before automatically assuming it would be better with Norton.