The Luring

When a man trying to recover lost memories returns to his family’s vacation home in Vermont, a spectral, red balloon follows in the trailer for The Luring coming to VOD June 16.

Ash vs the Evil Dead

In a new interview with Comic Book, Dana DeLorenzo stated she believes she and co-star Ray Santiago could coax Bruce Campbell out of retirement for another Evil Dead project.

I honestly feel like never say never. There have been shows where they get cancelled but then they’re picked up by another network. I know Bruce has said he is in retirement, but I feel like Ray and I could convince him.


Santiago concurred, stating:

I think enough time has passed by. He just needs a good one or two years of just like chilling in the woods and not having the Boomstick in his hands and then he starts to crave it and it’ll come back.



Courtney recruits Wildcat to the Justice Society of America in the trailer for next week’s episode of Stargirl.


Finally, a new featurette goes behind-the-scenes of NOS4A2 season two.

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