Bucky's Car and Dome

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Our old hero, futurist, architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller is the subject of an exhibition that starts in Madrid in two weeks.

Pictured here are prototypes of his Dymaxion car, which was supposed to be an all-terrain transport to go along with the live-anywhere prefab houses he envisioned. The geodesic dome was supposed to protect us from extreme weather and germs, and would pay for itself in 10 years if used to cover someplace like NYC by eliminating the need for snow removal.

If you're interested in Bucky, here's a post we've done on his life. If you live in Madrid, you're lucky enough to be near the upcoming exhibition profiling his work. [events, BFI via Archdose]


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At least one of Bucky's ideas has payed off for me; the geodesic dome home my wife and I built 26 years ago (with a lot of help from friends!) has been *extremely* energy efficient. Living in a dome can be "interesting" (hanging stuff on the canted outside walls, replacing my original 8' triangular windows...), but it's been worth the investment.