How's the world feeling right now? There's only one way to find out—build yourself one of these handsome Arduino-powered, Twitter-parsing LED mood lights.

The Twitter Mood Light is better than a mood ring because it's actually a reflection of how people are feeling. As its creator explains:

The Arduino connects directly to any wireless network via the WiFly module, continually searches Twitter for tweets with emotional content, collates the tweets for each emotion, does some math, and then fades the color of the LED to reflect the current World Mood


And this isn't a simple "the world's happy!" or "the world's sad" type of thing, either—the light will transition between 8 different colors: red for anger; yellow for happiness; pink for love; white for fear, green for envy, orange for surprise, and blue for sadness. Except for the other day, when it turned a dark, deathly black to reflect the evil that John released into the Twitterverse.


If you want to stop reading all those Tweets and start feeling them, you can find a full step-by-step guide over at Instructables.