Build This Soap Pump Speaker That Automatically Plays 20 Seconds of Your Top Spotify Songs

We’ve all suddenly discovered there’s something even more tedious than watching paint dry: washing our hands for 20 whole seconds. To make the necessary but excruciating process feel like it doesn’t drag on forever, this soap pump speaker swaps Happy Birthday for tracks from your Spotify account.


The Scrubber was created by the hardware hackers at Pittsburgh’s Deeplocal who shared a complete parts list, build instructions, and even the custom code they developed over on Github for anyone with the requisite skills (wiring, soldering, programming, etc.) to build for themselves.

When complete, fully functional, and presumably properly waterproofed given the eventual close proximity of all those electronics to a working faucet, the Scrubber will automatically play 20 seconds of randomly selected music from your most played Spotify tracks of the week so you’ll actually want to sing along.

To ensure maximum entertainment and tedium distraction value, those 20-second song snippets aren’t randomly selected from the middle of a track either. Instead, they’re taken from the preview clip that Spotify makes publicly available for every track. The clips are algorithmically selected to include the best part of a given song. So in addition to ensuring that hand washing is being done for an adequate length of time, the Scrubber will also potentially encourage people to wash their hands more often with the chance to revisit their favorite hits. Every little distraction helps. 


Although fun and nice DIY project, we are so far past the point of handwashing protocols having an effect in the USA. We need everyone to stay the F at home for 3+ weeks. No WASPs at parks. No grocery store trips every other day. No frisbee golf. Stay the F at home. Let the Clinicians face this hell we have allowed to happen. 

Tell your friends and Family to prepare mentally for hundreds of thousands of American deaths. (more than WWII)

We will have most deaths in the world until India passes us.

It will be like a stephen king novel.

People are not taking it seriously until it is a few weeks too late. Why are parks and public spaces open anywhere in the country?

Why doesn’t Florida have a shutdown order? Many elderly people live there. In all likelihood, Florida will become the be the next Italy.

People do not understand, that even if we flatten the curve in the next 6 weeks in the USA, the new normal will be:

—dozens of deaths per week in every medium+ size city...for the next year.

Example calcs:

40% of US population is 132 Million people infected.

Assume a 1/2% mortality rate = 660,000 People

CDC says actual fatality rate could be higher. Maybe 2 or 3%.

We need approx 60% exposure/infection in order to have herd immunity. Which results in even more people dying.

Prepare yourself mentally.