If arcades were part of your childhood, you've probably yearned for a cabinet of your own for playing classics like Pac-Man or Galaga. The only downside is they're not exactly portable, here's a better solution. This arcade cabinet stands just eight inches tall, so you can carry it anywhere, and it uses a Raspberry Pi to run the MAME emulator, so you can install countless classic games.

However, the phrase "some assembly required" is an understatement here. This $160 compact arcade cabinet comes as a completely disassembled kit so you'll need some programming skills, some soldering skills, and a good five or six hours to put it all together. But the fruits of your labors look pretty awesome, allowing you to upload your own games via an SD card slot. Just keep this thing stashed away inside your desk drawers and you've got the perfect way to while away the hours on a long conference call. [ThinkGeek]