Build Your Own Pac-Man Ghost-Chomping Clock

Maybe the reason you find it so hard to crawl out of bed in the morning is your uninspired alarm clock? Random annoying beeps certainly don't make the thought of facing the day any more appealing, but the sound of Pac-Man desperately trying to chow-down on a pair of terrified blue ghosts? Now that's something to get out of bed for.

Over on Making Stuff you can find pretty much everything you'll need to build this homage to the '80s, including the 3D models in case you want to go the 3D printing route, and Arduino code. The time is displayed via the scoreboard, so a little squinting is in order if the clock ends up across the room from you, but the use of electroluminescent wires means this DIY project also doubles as a great nightlight. And bonus points will be awarded if you're able to incorporate Pac-Man's iconic wocka-wocka sound effects. [Making Stuff via Neatorama]

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