According to the AP, a new technology called "CD burning" is threatening to displace "file-sharing" as the main method pirates—"l33t f[_]X0Rz" in the creole of Hacker Speak—use to share "music files." These music files contain digital representations of audio in a 1/0 binary format similar to the system computers use to communicate with their human masters.

The government intends to stamp the illegal process of "burning" music onto "compact discs" by mentioning it on C-SPAN for approximately five minutes next week at 3am and then announcing a huge bust at Tower Records, a known "crash pad" for hackers and other miscreants of the Interwebs who purchase both pre-recorded compact discs as well as "blank" compact discs and then make a copy for their sister. The RIAA, a government-led group of anti-pirate shocktroops, will also arrest, try, and execute a 89-year-old man for recording a baseball game. More news as we have it. We are finally winning this war, people.

Copying music now threatens business like file-sharing did [AP via TaipeiTimes]


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