Buy One LaserTour, Get the Lay-Dee for Free

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This is leisure, 1982-style. The Perceptronics LaserTour consisted of an industrial-quality LaserDisc player, an exercise bike and a 45-inch video projector. The faster you pedalled, the faster the scenery went by. The faster the scenery went by, the thinner your thighs got. The thinner your thighs got, the happier you were. Was that really how it was in the Eighties?


The LaserTour was available from the Neiman Marcus catalogue - and at $20,000 you should have got the model's twin sister as well. And their Mom. And the woman from the call center who took your order.

Sweat-Setter [Swapatorium via Kotaku]



Laugh all you want, this premise is still around us - just look in your local arcades: All games have users interacting with a screen standing/holding a stupid device (dance pads, skis, jet-skis, water-skis, and many other skis). My favorite is the fireman game where you stand like a loser (after putting $1.50 in quarters) in front of a screen holding a hose and aiming it at fire.