This is not Fossil's first foray into wrist-tech. There was the Wrist PDA FX2008, an arm-based writing apparatus worthy of Fred Flintstone, and the Abacus SPOT watches that featured an always-on connection to Bill Gate's weathervane. Luckily, Fossil learned from its mistakes and isn't repeating them. All of the new watches are analog time pieces, which means that they retain a semblance of class. A small rectangular LED window serves a very limited information overload function: when you receive a call on your cellphone it vibrates and flashes the caller's ID. No more fumbling for the cell while everyone smirks at the size of your ringtone. Press a button on the side of the watch to send the caller straight to voicemail. About the only drawback to these Bluetooth beauties is that you'll have to charge the battery every so often (they're saying it will last for 5-7 days of regular use).

See a glamour shot of the watch, and learn about Fossil's plans to publish the API online after the jump...


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All of the watches are marketed to work with Sony Ericsson handsets, but can be made to connect with any phone running Symbian version 7 through 8.1 (and Nokia Series 60 by the end of the year). In an unexpectedly cool move, Fossil is publishing the API online, which probably means that someone will figure out how to control their Lego Mindstorms NXT from the thing and devolve the watch back to its dorky essence once again.

The Fossil Caller ID watch (center) will run $250 and be available starting in late October. The Abacus MobileWear watches (left and right) go for $200 and come out in mid-October.