Your Playlist Will Rule the Universe With This $4,000, 53-Pound, Infinity Gauntlet Bluetooth Speaker

Ahead of Avengers: Infinity War’s official release in just a few weeks, China’s Brando has revealed the penultimate collectible for fans of Thanos’ rise to power. Why buy a simple life-size replica of his infamous Infinity Gauntlet when you could buy this superior life-size replica made from actual copper, with…

If You Love Retro Gaming, the SN30 Pro Is the Only Gamepad You'll Ever Need

Nintendo has promised that the Switch’s upcoming online service will include a library of classic games that will help turn the portable console into an epic—but not perfect—retro gaming machine. The one thing the Switch is missing is a genuine, four-way D-pad, but that can be easily remedied with 8Bitdo’s new SN30…

War Machine Gets a Crazy Samurai Makeover, And More of the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of all the wonderful toys we’ve been pining after lately. This week: Sphero’s latest little robot toy, Thor: Ragnarok’s new look for Thor gets an awesome figure, and we have thoughts about the butt of DC Comics’ Dick Grayson. Let’s get to it!