Callpod's Fueltank Uno Charges One Thing On the Go

The Callpod Fueltank Uno is basically the same as the previous Fueltank we reviewed, except that it charges one device instead of two. Not to call it the poor man's version, but it's cheaper and holds less charge.


The upside is that it's $40, and you don't always have to charge two devices simultaneously. The advantage to using this over a specialized charger, like an iPhone battery pack, is that you can also take advantage of Callpod's various tips for their Chargepod adapter. It should fit almost all devices out there now.

The Fueltank Uno will be available at Best Buy starting Sept 27. Callpod's mobile password app, Keeper, is also being pushed out to Vodafone customers as well. Basically, it's a desktop password management that can also sync to your cellphone so you can take your passwords with you. You can get that now for $15. The phone part is free. [Callpod]

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