CAM-007 Touted as "Worlds Smallest Camcorder, Spycam"

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While I cannot definitively confirm that the CAM-007 is the world's smallest commercial camcorder spycam (see exhibit A and exhibit B), the self-contained device does clock in at a minuscule 0.3"x0.9"x0.5" and it boasts a fairly impressive feature set that includes both audio and video recording, MPEG-4 3 GP at 15fps, a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that recharges via USB (up to 2 hours of recording), and Micro SD up to 2GB with room for approx. 19 hours of video on a 1GB card. Available for $349. [Product Page]

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"M" just advised me to appraise the new device. The Gentleman from the armory placed the little thing in me hand. I said:"what"? "M" made with the eyebrows and I shut-up. I looked at it and was briefed. And briefed again...and again.

Itty bitty thing works rather very well. Three months have gone bye and bye and

it has not failed. Reminds me of SUNSTROKE by David Kagan.

God Bless you All!