Camera Records Your Life, 10 Days at a Time

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A while back, Microsoft research developed a camera that hangs around your neck to snag shots through your life called the Sensecam. Now a company named Vicon has licensed the technology to release a life-logging camera.

The Vicon camera, priced at about $820 when it arrives on the research market this year, uses accelerometers, light sensors and heat detection (tracking someone walking up to you) to automatically snag potentially important shots as frequently as ever 30 seconds of your life.


However, the crippling flaw is that this system has but one measly gigabyte of storage. One! Sure, 30,000 photos sounds like a lot, but that's only a log of 10-days-worth of photos taken every 30 seconds.

A consumer version is expected out next year, and hopefully Vicon will admit that storage is cheap and offer 32GB—or nearly enough for an entire year of photos—by then. [NewScientist]