Cameraphone Paparazzi Killer

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This, I love. Not that I have such an immense fear of being caught with my proverbial pants down by any nearby cameraphone, but it's really the principle of the thing. Georgia Institute of Technology student Shwetak Patel has come up with new privacy tech that will "detect the presence of a digital camera up to 33 feet away and can then shoot a targeted beam of light at the lens." I mean, cool. Not sure how you carry the slide projector around with you. But basically what this means is that if someone, by chance, is trying to shoot a photo of you without your knowledge, they'll get a nice blurry image of a beam of light. Seems like a real boondoggle for superstars trying to get past the paparazzi, but you never know when it might come in handy for us everyday celebrities too. I suspect that Star, US Weekly and other rags that we read religiously (for the articles, of course) are already sending emissaries to buy this tech from Patel and make sure it never, ever sees the light of day.

Crave privacy? New tech knocks out digital cameras [CNET]

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