Cameraphone Photo Quality Set To Improve With InVisage's QuantumFilm Chips

On the whole, cameraphone pictures tend to "make do," but with these new QuantumFilm chips from InVisage Technologies you could potentially ditch the Nikon and rely solely on your HTC.

InVisage Technologies' QuantumFilm uses a layer of nanometer-sized quantom dots, or semiconductor particles, which apparently attracts more light into the sensor than typical silicon sensors do. QuantumFilm can capture up to 95 per cent of light, whereas silicon chips can only get 20 per cent at most—meaning the photos taken with these new chips will be four times sharper than the average camera's photos, with double the dynamic range.


InVisage is hopeful they can keep costs down in order to lure in the manufacturers, with the first devices using them launching next year. [VentureBeat]

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