Can We Talk About Kickstarter's New Squishy, Podgy Blob?

Image: Kickstarter/Gizmodo

Kickstarter revealed the Amorphous Blob responsible for eating its old logo eight days ago. Eight! And hardly anybody has noticed.

The Globby Thing, dark greenish-blue and oozy, was created by New York design studio Order and type designer Jesse Ragan, and it has perched atop the crowdfunding site for more than a week, seemingly overlooked by Kickstarter’s millions of users and noticed only by design and branding blogs. It’s squishy and podgy and surely designed to enhance the overall Kickstarter fundraising experience.


Where a curvy neon “K” once proudly stood, in stubborn defiance of most minimalist corporate tech logos, there now slumps a fully satiated goop monster, apparently frightening no one. The semiliquid blob seems very much pleased with itself, but it faces one digestive challenge: inside, the mass is supported by the skeleton letterforms of Kickstarter’s old logo design.

Whether this blob is responsible for gobbling up the company’s missing executives remains unclear.

Image: Kickstarter

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