Can You Believe This is a Piece of Ikea Furniture?

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Ikea serves a purpose, sure, but I hate buying furniture out of necessity. More thought should go into your surroundings—but if you really can't part with the Scandinavian furniture, at least consider Mykea's fun decals.


The custom-design service has been going for a while now, but they've added a whole bunch of fun new decals to the website, like this "amplifiers" one, which can be stuck onto the front of wardrobes, tables, bookcases and dressers. Prices start at 15 Euros ($21) for one coffee table-shaped sticker, and go up from there. [Mykea via Yanko Design]



Outside of people with a massive amount of disposable income, who the hell buys furniture for anything other than necessity? People go to Ikea specifically because they've put some thought into it.

Walmart, and to a much lesser extent Target, offer cheap furniture. However, it usually looks like crap and features antiquated design. The build quality is poor and what is especially relevant here, is that no thought as been put into design and construction.

Go to proper, but affordable, furniture stores and you get a deluge of stuff designed to look like antiques. I don't understand the fixation on old design. On the other hand, furniture stores that offer contemporary design are almost always outrageously expensive.

So what's the alternative? Ikea. Contemporary design and the furniture is extremely cheap. And it's clear that someone actually put some thought into designing everything. The one unfortunate thing is that quality is a bit lacking, but then that's the consequence of everything being so inexpensive.

Not everyone is wealthy enough to spend frivolously on furniture.