Last week, as asked you to photograph a cloud hallucination—you know, when you look at a cloud and see something else. A few of you were brave enough to put your sanity on the line and share the shapes you'd spotted.

Winner: Zeus


This was one of those times you think you see something, then question yourself for seeing it. Of course I needed evidence for what I think I saw to be sure.. Still looks like Zeus. Would be better with lightning. I used a Canon 7D, 18-135mm lens, F5.6, iso 640, for 1/3200th sec

- Darren Pearson

Battlestar Galactica


So I decided to do my first century (biking 100 mi in less than 12 hrs) and I figured I'd bring my camera along, especially since I just got a polarizing filter and it'd be a good opportunity to take pics of clouds for this challenge. Sifting through them afterwards, there were a few decent pics that were much better composed, and that used the filter much more, but when I came across this one, it just screamed, "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!". Nikon D5000, 1/1600 s, f/4.2, 200 ISO, 75mm, polarizing filter

- Chris Thai

Chinese Dragons


Photos(panoramic) were taken minutes before a large storm during sunset, tripod mounted. Personally, I see two serpents, a la chinese style dragons flying in the air, the middle to the right with its tail wrapping around the frame, and the left and bottom of the frame another.

- Jon Fitzgerald

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


This looks like the face of one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles to me. South Saint Louis

- Susie Schinzing

Another Chinese Dragon!


I used a Canon 7D, 18-135mm lens, F5.6, iso 640, for 1/3200th secI was outside on a nice, lazy summer day. I captured several images with the iPhone 5S, and it was breezy so the clouds were moving quite a bit, producing some interesting shapes. When I spotted this one, I thought it resembled a Chinese dragon, with its thin body coiling.

There were global adjustments to contrast, brightness and color balancing made in 4.03.


- Jonas Demuro



Was driving in Colorado recently when I noticed a cloud that looked like an elephant. Just as I was thinking that, my wife said, "I see an elephant!" - Two of us couldn't be wrong so I snapped a pic with my iPhone 5.

- Lawrance Morrissey

Photographers—I can't speak for everyone here, but it's amazing to me how many of these shapes I, too, could spot in your clouds. Maybe it's just the power of suggestion. Maybe, just maybe, there really are gods, animals, and 1980s cartoons watching over us. Find the big shots on flickr.