Can You Spot the Photographs Hiding in Plain Sight?

It's not too difficult to find the still photographs in this video but some seem to pop up and surprise you when you'd least suspect it. This short little video created by mustardcuffins shows photographs that "skim across the skin of reality". Awesome concept. [mustardcuffins]


This video reminds me so much of something that happened around 100-120 years ago.

There was a special time before moving images, this was a moment marked by amazing creativity and experimentation with photography. This was a transition phase between stills and motion pictures, and then it was all gone. This period lasted only a few years and in retrospect it seemed all focused on getting to the next thing using photograph, moving pictures or motion pictures.

What came first was the photograph, this lasted for over sixty years, then everyone at once seemed to want to take photography further, they wanted to make it move like the real world. This was a transition period that lasted for a while but in reality it was just a blink of an eye. I have always seen this time as one of most extraordinarily innovative and creativity periods in history. The re-imagining of photography was the story of one experiment leading to another from the Zoetrope to flip books etc.

Finally the Lumière brothers got there first, motion picture formate film, a motion picture camera and a motion picture projector all in one unit. Suddenly all those experiments were left behind, but what was worse is that that fantastically creative energy focused on photography was over.

With cellphones and all the software for still and video treatments this era of 100 years ago has been rediscovered. Its amazing how each week we see new ideas working with an old medium intermixed with motion and a playfulness that is irresistible. My impression is we have only seen the beginning, I have a dozen ideas for crazy stuff myself, if I have a few ideas everyone other person must have new ideas, this is almost the creation of an entirely new media form, but this time - unlike 100/120 years ago - this one will flourish.

I would love to open an art gallery that specializes only in this new mix of media, it would be a blast to do a comparative parallel track to what was happening 100/120 years ago. It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun, maybe this new stuff proves that right, but this time we will get much further down this path and maybe create something even more engaging then motion pictures or video.