Canon PowerShot A400 Review

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I'm usually way suspicious of 3.2-megapixel cameras with low price tags—it means the manufacturer probably skimped on everything save resolution, hoping to snag some skinflint suckers. So when Canon released the PowerShot A400 a few months back, I didn't give it a second thought. Any digicam that goes for under $150's gotta be a dog, I figured.

The good lads at TrustedReviews give me pause today, however, by giving the A400 a (tepid) thumbs up. The meticulous review dings the model for it's low-light performance and poor wide-angle zoom, but gives props on image quality and body design. Still, it's probably worth splashing out the extra yard on the A75, unless you're really strapped for cash this Christmas. Or you just don't think your current sig other is worth it.


Canon PowerShot A400 Review [Trusted Reviews]

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