Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS: Entry-Level Elph Gets Image Stabilizer and Five Color Choices

Last year, Canon's entry-level Digital Elph was the 7-megapixel PowerShot SD1000. Priced at $250, it was thin and pretty but not quite a powerhouse. This year, the SD1100 IS adds image stabilization without growing more than a millimeter in thickness, and bumps the sensor up to 8 megapixels.


There are behind-the-scenes improvements too, including motion detection for better low-light handling and spot white balance enhanced by face recognition. But the real selling point here is fashion: the SD1100 IS will come in brown, silver, gold, blue and pink. We're told many dealers will be carrying the full lineup, too, so you won't have to go on a wild goose chase to track down the pink one—hate for you to get stuck with the blue one, but hey, maybe she likes blue. [Canon]

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