Don't get me wrong, I love working from home for Gizmodo—working from bed, in the garden, in my's a never-ending buffet of luxury. But I do miss abusing an office photocopier/printer/fax-machine. As well as the interns.

Over in Japan, Canon's worked with Hitachi on a new fingerprint scanning system for their multi-function boxes which photocopy, print, scan and fax, so only those allowed to stand at the machine for 20 minutes straight, mindlessly duplicating sheet after sheet of reports can use it. It's funny though—generally the people who are stuck doing the photocopying are on the lower end of the career rung, and are usually more inclined to abuse office facilities.


On sale in Japan from this week, the scanning system will cost around $1,460, as long as you have a compatible multi-use box. [Akihabara News via OhGizmo]

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