Can't Wait For the iPhone 5? Chinese Mock Ups Are Already On Sale for $5 and Up

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By now, it seems like just about every possible part of the iPhone 5 has leaked. There's not much left for a surprise. There's so little left, in fact, that there are all kinds of full-assembled iPhone 5 mock-ups on Taobao (it's like a Chinese Ebay-ish, Amazon-y thing) already.


They're obviously not functional, so what are they for, aside from trying to post fake leaks to the Internet? Well, the idea is that they can be used to help case manufactures get their manufacturing up to full speed quicker. Like, before the iPhone 5 actually comes out. The mock-ups run the gamut when it comes to pricing, but some are as cheap as the equivalent of $5, while others reach up into the double digits. What exactly you're paying for with those is anyone's guess

Suffice it to say, there's not a lot of mystery left to the whole iPhone 5 thing at this point. Of course there's always the remote chance that Apple will announce an iPhone that's a trapezoid or something, but it's pretty safe to guess you've pretty much seen the new iPhone already. We'll have to wait and see if there's at least one or two little surprises left, but it seems like case makers are willing to bet this form-factor is the real deal. [MIC Gadget via Redmond Pie]


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Anyone else pissed off that we're getting another iPhone 4 looking device?

I'm really hoping on a new design...