Caprica's stars talk gay gangsters, robot love stories and New Cap City nights!

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Caprica comes back tomorrow night, with more religious fundamentalists, more gangsters, and more virtual head-busting. We talked to Alessandra Torresani (Zoe), Sasha Roiz (Sam) and Magda Apanowicz (Lacey) about the crazy-intense stuff that lies ahead. Minor spoilers below...

Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz:

Why did Zoe have to kill Philo? He was our favorite!

Alessandra Torresani: No, he was my favorite too! I don't want to talk about it. It was very traumatic.

Do you think Zoe really had feelings for him, or was she just using him?

Alessandra Torresani: He was the only person who understood me, and I was not using him. He just turned on me, and it's me against the world.


He was the only one who loved you for you.

Alessandra Torresani: But he didn't! He didn't love me for me any more. He thought he did, but he didn't. He was going to out me, what was I supposed to do? Hello!

Sasha Roiz: We all liked Philo but he's gone. Let's move on. Get over it.

So it seems like you've been doing a lot of interesting stuff with the discomfort of being in a robot body.


Alessandra Torresani: It's weird.

Do you think you play that differently over time? Does it change?

Alessandra Torresani: I think eventually she'll get more comfortable being in that body. But you know, she might go someplace else. I end up playing six or seven characters by the end of season 1.5. There is a lot, a lot that's going to happen.


What characters? Virtual people? Robots?

Alessandra Torresani: [Nods] But it's fun, right? And I got cool outfits.

Do you think she's going to try and reconnect with the STO?

Alessandra Torresani: I can't give away that much information, but possibly.

So we're going to be exploring the childhood of the Adama brothers, right?

Sasha Roiz: Yeah, there's this great episode where we flash back to Esai and I as kids. On Tauron and you sort of see the beginnings of our world, and what created these two men. It's going to be really insightful.

So one of the things that people are interested in is the fact that you're a gay character. You're also a gangster. Do you think there's acceptance of gay people on Caprica?


Sasha Roiz: Well...

Alessandra Torresani: What's gay? Really, what is it? It doesn't exist. No, really. Everything is everything, and love is love. On Caprica, it's all about love.


But there's obviously a lot of hate for minorities.

Sasha Roiz: I think sexually they've evolved. Sexually, there seems to be no discrimination and no prejudice, you see everything from Sister Clarice and her group marriage to Sam, and there's complete acceptance. And like you said, there's discrimination along cultural lines, racial lines. And so that's where they falter. And it's interesting, because I think it's the only show on TV where you see gay characters that have absolutely nothing to... they have nothing to worry, no stigma. They have no challenges to overcome along those lines. It's kind of interesting to see a world in which that's accepted.


Do you think Sam is getting soft, with Yusif bugging him all the time?

Sasha Roiz: You're going to see... You're going to get some bad-ass Sam coming up.


But you didn't kill Paula Malcomson when you had the chance.

Sasha Roiz: I know, I know!

Alessandra Torresani: And she's whiny, too!

Why didn't you kill her?

Sasha Roiz: I wanted to, but...

Alessandra Torresani: That's my mom!

Sasha Roiz: There's going to be some great stuff. You're going to see a lot of power struggles within the Halatha, and you're going to see collaborations between different characters that you wouldn't have expected. And a lot's going to shift, a lot's going to happen. No character's safe.


Is Sam going to venture into virtual reality maybe?

Sasha Roiz: Possibly. A lot of stuff's going to change.

How long does it take to put on the tattoos?

Sasha Roiz: Full body, it takes about three hours.

Do you want to keep them on afterwards? To show them off?

Sasha Roiz: Not so much to show them off, just to avoid having to stand for three hours.


Jane Espenson says she knows what each of the tattoos means. Do you know?

Sasha Roiz: Nah. I think one is like, "Lactose intolerant." And another one is like, "Cheeseburger."


Magda Apanowicz:

So it seems like Lacey's main relationship now is with Barnabas and Keon the motorcycle guy. The last time we saw Lacey, it seemed like she was in a really, really bad place.


She has like a gun to her head. Make a decision, either kill this person or this person. Or you die. It was kind of insane.

Are we going to see her going further down the rabbit hole?

Yeah. I mean, it sucks so badly that I can't talk about it, because it hasn't aired — but some really, really crazy awesome stuff happens to my character and I get to do. It's been amazing. The back nine are incredible.


It seems like Lacey's the one person who knows what's going on.

I think she knows without knowing. One of those people who's in tune with things, and doesn't realize it. She's still so young. And like she's getting all these things thrown at her. She starts to find her own voice. She just keeps getting beaten down. And then she realizes, "I'm a young woman. I have opinions. I have strength and I'm going to fight." I think you are going to see a lot more of her not taking it, you know what I mean? Not lying down and taking it. If she lies down and takes it, it's while she's fighting. I mean, metaphorically speaking. Possibly literally. But...


Are we going to get to see Lacey go into New Cap City and bust some heads?

Without giving anything away, there's going to be a lot of that stuff, and then there's going to be some off world. They're going to show a lot of other worlds and the life that goes on there.

We miss Josh and Andy on Kyle XY. Do you think we'll ever get a Josh/Andy spin-off show?


That would be so sweet! I don't think so. I do love that relationships so much. Video games — G-Force Marathons, yeah, it was very cute.

It was the best nerd relationship on TV.

I know, wasn't it? It was the sweetest, most real, young love. You know what I mean? They really loved each other. They were so young, and I like to believe that they're like high-school sweethearts, and they'll get married in the future. It's cute. I miss playing that. I miss doing that relationship. Jean-Luc [Bilodeau] was so good at it, and I feel like we just worked so well together.


Between you and me, I didn't really care who Kyle dated. I just cared about you guys.

Oh, that makes me feel so special! Thank you.

I was like, Oh, he's going to date somebody, I guess.

One of those girls. Those floozies.

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