Captain America set pics, Torchwood hints, Super 8 creature secrets, and Olivia's ultimate discovery on Fringe!

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Spoiler bonanza! Captain America set photos reveal a key turning point. Super 8's mystery creature is...Elvis? RTD talks Torchwood. Cameron says Avatar 2's no Matrix Reloaded. Smallville's Supergirl suits up! Plus Fringe, Transformers, Supernatural and All You Need Is Kill.


Captain America: The First Avenger:

More set photos for the latest Marvel superhero film — and these ones are somewhat revealing. Turns out the film includes a scene on VE Day — May 8, 1945. Tons of extras in period costumes celebrating in Trafalgar Square, with loads of vintage cars, and some extras dressed as soldiers and photographers. Is this after Cap has already gotten stuck in that iceblock? Or does that happen after VE Day? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Photos by []

Super 8:

Creature designer Neville Page talks about working on the creature for J.J. Abrams' mystery project. He says he watched the first trailer before it came out, with the mysterious monster banging against the side of the boxcar, and he realized he would have to design the creature that's inside that boxcar. "When that door [to the boxcar] blows open, it's the ultimate reveal. It's Elvis or something." The video at the link, in which he also talks about some of the other movies he's worked on, is worth checking out. [Wired]

All You Need Is Kill:

We reported a while back that Doug Liman (Jumper) was in talks to direct this adaptation of the Japanese reset-button-death war movie, but now it's official. Here's the plot synopsis, via Variety:

Story centers on a new recruit in a war against aliens who finds himself caught in a time loop in which he wakes up in the past after having been killed on the battlefield. As the soldier's death and resurrection repeat, his skills as a soldier grows as he attempts to change his fate.


You can read our book review here. [Variety]



The reissued version of James Cameron's eco-adventure hits theaters on Friday, with eight and a half extra minutes. According to producer Jon Landau, there'll be more action sequences as well as extensions of key scenes involving the Na'Vi and their human visitors, which will deepen the mythology. "We tried to look at what people have responded to in the film and give them more of that," says Landau. And according to Fox's Bruce Snyder, you'll get something new every 15 minutes, more or less. And November's new special edition on DVD will feature a total of 16 minutes of new footage. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Meanwhile, Cameron says the second movie in the series probably won't come out until 2014 — but he'll probably film the second and third movies at the same time, so they'll come out just a year or two apart. He adds:

I'm mapping out the story line right now, so there's a proper arc that plays out over two films, but (it) buttons nicely at the end of two, so you don't get this horrible second-act Matrix feeling - you know: 'I've just sat through a three-hour movie and f**k all happened at the end!



Transformers 3:

There's more Chicago set photos (at the link), and it seems as though a lot of scenes center around the Dept. of Health and Human Services, which is important enough that a building and three vehicles have been tricked out with the HHS logo. [TLAMB]


And it's possible there'll be another week to three weeks of Chicago filming, including some skydiving stunts from helicopters. These are pick-up shots — probably Michael Bay had a scene where people were talking about their emotions or something, and he decided it would be cooler to superimpose somebody randomly jumping out of a helicopter over that footage, for emphasis. [TLAMB]

An eagle-eyed fan, ChicageauTiger, spotted a red pickup truck driving around, but it doesn't appear to be an Autobot or Decepticon due to the lack of insignia — could it just be a truck someone drives in the movie? Also, they found a mysterious object in the rubble, that appears to be of Cybertronian origin. More pics at the link. Photo by ChicageauxTiger. [TFW2005]

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Illustration for article titled Captain America set pics, Torchwood hints, Super 8 creature secrets, and Olivia's ultimate discovery on Fringe!

Spider-Man: Begin Again:

We still don't know what the Spidey reboot will be called, but at least that title sorta rhymes. The latest casting rumor says Irish actor Dominique McElligott will play Gwen Stacy in the film — but since the anonymous source of this rumor couldn't even spell "Gwen Stacy" properly, it's probably just a rumor. [Comic Book Movie]


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:

A few new details about this film, which is one of the many projects David Fincher is attached to direct. Fincher sees it as a "steampunk movie from 1873" and co-writer Randal Wallace says Disney is pushing for it to be more "lucid" and emotional than you'd expect from this sort of fantasy fare. And everyone involved wants it to have practical effects, because CG effects feel too removed from reality a lot of the time. Here's hoping it actually gets made! [Cinematical]



What can we glean from these new set photos? First of all, Sam is still impersonating federal agents, apparently. And Bobby is still walking around. [SpoilerTV]



The producers say they're using the alt-Olivia (or Bolivia, for "B-Olivia") to explore how our experiences shape us. Bolivia has all this stuff in her life that "our" Olivia doesn't have, because she's not weighed down by experiences like the Cortexiphan trials. So when "our" Olivia gets to witness that, she'll realize how much she's a product of her childhood experiences, and she'll break down a bit and then maybe "self-actualize" anew. [SFX Magazine via Fringe Television]


Also, Lance Reddick says the show is changing pace a lot in season three because "the procedural element wasn't working." [SciFiNow via Fringe Television]


When you hear that the new series is going to be "international," it doesn't mean our heroes are going to be swanning off to China for no reason, says Russell T. Davies. There'll be "proper reasons" for people to be separated by oceans, and it'll show how much smaller our world is nowadays. "There's some really interesting global stuff about the story." He says when the story begins, Torchwood will still be deprived of its former status and will still be "terrorists on the run, practically." Except that time has passed, and everybody's forgotten Torchwood ever existed. It's buried. "Torchwood is their designation now — it's who they were, and what connects them." And he says that when the Doctor closed all the cracks in the universe at the end of "The Big Bang," he thoughtfully closed the Rift in Cardiff as well. And Ianto is definitely dead.


Davies explains his theory of what Torchwood is about: it takes the metaphor out of science fiction. Instead of presenting metaphors for racism or other social problems, Torchwood just shows how society copes with the fantasy elements. Oh, and Davies says that Children Of Earth could have run for ten episodes, especially if there had been a few more episodes showing what happened after the government declared martial law. "If anything, we slightly rushed that ending." (For what it's worth, I'm not sure that's true.) [SFX Magazine via Life The Universe and Combom]


When Laura Vandervoort returns for maybe the last time in the Oct. 8 episode, we'll see her in something like her Supergirl costume. Says exec producer Kelly Souders:

You really see her as Supergirl. Not the whole outfit, but her wardrobe will have evolved even a little more than Clark's. She's less Kara and way more Supergirl.


And Kara puts on her superheroic new outfit for a photoshoot when she becomes a media darling after a heroic save that reveals to the world that she can fly. And to protect her superheroic identity, she'll start wearing a brown wig and glasses in public when she's not being Supergirl. Maybe Clark will see this and, it'll give him some ideas? [TV Guide Magazine]


Elizabeth Mitchell says parts of season one were dull because of all the exposition and figuring stuff out, and now season two can pick up the ball and run with it. Season two gets to heighten the characterization and make things more complex, she adds. "The drama, the romance, the things that could go horribly wrong... and I'm really excited about fracturing the characters." Being "a little bit broken" makes the characters more fascinating, she says. [Earths Mightiest]


And Mitchell was asked whether she'd like to have her former Lost love interest Josh Holloway do some scenes with her on V, and she basically said she'd like that. This in no way means it will happen, though. [E! Online]


Episode five of the new season will be called "Chuck Vs. The Couch Look." [SpoilerTV]


True Blood:

Not really a spoiler, but Alexander Skarsgard says that in his nude scenes, he's really nude. "I don't want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we're naked in that scene, then I'm naked." [Cinemablend]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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