Carcassonne: My New Favorite Game

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We were in Boston last weekend visiting friends when we stopped into Eureka Puzzles. I'm not big on board games, so most of the stuff was lost on me, but Carcassonne caught my eye, probably because of the box. It's a complex—but highly playable—tile-based game that involved building a cities, cloisters, and farms and taking over roads in a mythical country. It's kind of hard to explain, but you draw a set of tiles and drop them one by one, closing up and creating cities, building finished roads, and farming plots of land. For every city, road, or farm you control, you get points and you only have eight little followers to do your bidding, so you have to decide which ones are sedentary farmers and which ones take over cities and roads and can be brought back into play.


I'm not doing it justice, but take a look. I know it's as old as my crush on Tony Danza, so let me know what you guys think of this game and the expansion packs. It was only $24.95 and it takes about an hour to play.

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