Carve Up Some Science With a Physics Themed Jack-O'-Lantern

Halloween is fast approaching, which means many Americans will partake in the annual mutilate-a-squash ritual this weekend. But let’s face it: toothy grins and pointy eyes are passé. If you really want your gourd to stand out this year, we recommend spicing things up with a healthy dose of physics.

The wonderful nerds behind Symmetry are here to help. This week, the particle physics magazine released five jack-o’-lantern templates, each featuring an appropriately spooky version of a famous physicist. Remind your neighbors of Albert Einstein’s undying contribution to theoretical physics by lighting up your porch with his resurrected corpse. Werewolfgang Pauli can tell lonely trick-or-treaters a thing or two about exclusion, while Scary Curie is here to remind your party guests that there are some things we should all be afraid of, namely, excessive radiation exposure.


“Albert Frank-Einstein,” by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead

“Werewolfgang Pauli,” by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead


“Scary Curie,” by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead

Download the templates for these famous faces and more over at Symmetry. And please, share your scientifically awesome creations in the comments!



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Top image: Reidar Hahn, Fermilab with Sandbox Studio, Chicago


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