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Casio Data Bank Watch, Geek Chic

Illustration for article titled Casio Data Bank Watch, Geek Chic

After losing our Paul Frank calculator watch to our arch nemesis the washing machine, we've been searching the Earth (a few internet sites a handful of times a month) for a suitable replacement. Our latest contender is this metal link Casio Data Bank watch, a sort of upper middle class citizen of the retro calculator watch world. While we debate as to whether or not this geek badge is worth our $80, we'll turn away so you can shyly remove that calculator watch you've been wearing for the last 15 years...without the snarky, ironic intent. [product via retrotogo]


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Yea I remember having this back in elementary school as well although mine was black and not metal. I thought it was cool cause I could keep the info of my friends in it. Although wearing it made me a total geek and well the watch was always almost empty all the time.