Pink is a four-letter word—as is cancer. This October, Casio is bringing out a rose-tinted version of its Exilim EX-Z75 in order to raise awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. How nice, I thought, a big corp doing something for lady-bumps. And then I remembered that the EX-Z75 was already out in a blush-colored hue.


Hmm, I thought. Is this just a chance for Casio to perk up an already-launched camera and inject some new sales whoomph into an old product? It seems that the pink camera is the same old same old, but the camera case is "embossed with the pink ribbon and a pink lanyard." Great, I've always wanted a pink lanyard. Hasn't everyone?

But that's just me being Princess Cranky-Pants on a Friday morning. If repackaging a oldish product for charity means that money will be raised for a shitty little disease ("a portion of the proceeds will be going towards the NBCF" said the nice PR person without specifying exactly how much) then one should suspend one's cynicism and applaud Casio for doing something a bit nice.

Hopefully the money is going toward research, rather than the awareness side of the NBCF, but I'll shut up now. The NBCT Exilim costs $179.99 and you could make a breast very happy indeed.

CASIO, INC. THINKS PINK IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER Casio Partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to Offer Special-Edition EXILIM Digital Camera Bundle DOVER, NJ, JULY 20, 2007 - Breast cancer affects hundreds of thousands of women and their families each year. It's a disease that can strike any one at any time - no one - man or woman is exempt. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is devoted to building awareness and finding a cure while sharing stories and information about breast cancer. This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Casio, Inc. will release a special-edition camera bundle, featuring a pink EX-Z75, a camera case embossed with the pink ribbon and a pink ribbon-clad lanyard to show their proud support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The EX-Z75, a 7.2 megapixel digital camera which is part of Casio's highly-regarded zoom line of EXILIM cameras, will be available as a special bundle in the month of October to help raise awareness of NBCF's mission - Help for Today...Hope for Tomorrow. "The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded to give help, support and hope to those facing breast cancer," said Janelle Hail, Founder and President of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. "We thank Casio, Inc. for joining us in helping save lives through education and early detection." The EX-Z75 is packed with a 2.6-inch wide LCD display, Anti-Shake DSP for reducing photo blur due to shaky hands or moving subjects and eBay mode which allows for photographs to be easily uploaded at the appropriate size for selling on eBay or for personal web use. "We are proud to be a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation," said Bill Heuer, Vice President of Casio's Digital Imaging Division. "We hope that by purchasing the EX-Z75 in honor of breast cancer patients and survivors, users will capture every valuable moment with their friends and family." The special-edition pink EX-Z75 will be available beginning October 2007 and can be purchased at Staples, Sears, Adir, Fred Meyer, BJ's, Nexcom and AAFES. The bundle package will have an MSRP of $179.99, and will proudly sponsor the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For more information, please visit


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