We all have that handful of bands that really blew us away in highschool, but only a few of them can stand the test of time. Catch 22 is pretty high up there on my list. The whole album Keasbey Nights is fantastic (but the post-Keasbey Nights stuff is more meh) and "Walking Away" is totally one of the standouts, as much as one can stand out among a collection of classics.

While not the most in-your-face or anthemic song on the album, "Walking Away" is remarkable for being nice and upbeat while simultaneously being sad as all hell. Of course, this is (good) ska, so that sort of comes with the territory. Despite being eminently whistle-able, "Walking Away" manages to pack in a somewhat depressing story of the hopeful beginning and inevitable end of an entire relationship, all in three short verses and a chorus. It's a trip.


And if you can dig this, but haven't checked out Keasbey Nights in its entirety (!) you should do that right away. If you're going to listen to just one ska album, this one makes a pretty good case for itself. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]