Catching Up: BBook of Geek

Hey Brian, I just finished Brian Briggs' book, The BBook of Geek: The Only Geek Humor Book You'll Ever Need. If you didn't know, Brian's the guy who created BBspot, a humor site that's geared toward geek topics (which includes gadgets and tech). His humor is a lot like ours—most similar to Sean Fallon's dryness actually—so you'd enjoy this book. There's lots of talk you'd like. Speaking of stuff you'd enjoy: • I reviewed this Powergorilla portable charger. It'll be super useful for us when we're liveblogging • Mark talked about why in-flight Wi-Fi is a bad thing. I, for one, welcome it • Rothface has a Sony Reader review. In short, it sucks because the glare is ridiculous • That brass knuckle umbrella is now for sale, in case you want to punch those neighbors of yours that always block your driveway • The Samsung Behold review is done

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Why isn't "the only geek book you need" coming in eBook variant? Neither Kindle nor Sony have it in stock.