Catching Up: Crazy Week

Jason, last week everything went kind of crazy with the dogs and work, and my machines.Noah is going to work for Fast Company, Lisa went to Tokyo for NPR work and left me to watch the new puppy, go to puppy school and get him neutered and pick up poo and pee at all hours of the day/night. In the middle of the night, he was trying to take his cone thing off to lick his stitches and realized I had to go get a bigger one from the vet at 2am. (I call him captain radar when he wears it.) Doesn't sound that bad a few days later, but then the Mac fried its HDD with no warning or clicking. Probably the logic board. One HDD swap and Time Machine/Capsule restore later and I've got zero data loss. (I set mine to back up at 1am every night, using Time Machine Editor.) I consider that my lucky break of the week. Lisa's RAM fried too, when she got back, the symptom being repeat kernel panics. Maybe it was the full moon. Here are my favorite posts from this week so far: • 10 Gadgets That Have No Business Using a Jet EngineWhat it Feels Like to Drive a Tesla RoadsterAt Gizmodo Gallery: Ancient Apple Phone Prototypes From Frog DesignGoogle's iPhone Voice Search Mobile App Now Available30 Mars Phoenix Discoveries NASA Will Never Show the World

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If this turns into a mac vs pc flame thread, I think I am going to barf.