At Gizmodo Gallery: Ancient Apple Phone Prototypes

Hello there. We're starting to release the details of some of the things we'll be showing off at Gizmodo gallery, and I think for our first, we'll show off one of the most interesting and mysterious: This Frog Design made Apple prototype which I cannot find many official details of.


There are photos of the concept floating around the net with a check writing program on the monochrome stylus touchscreen (1980s PayPal!) but neither Frog nor Apple can or will tell me anything about this curious machine other than it was worked on by Hartmut Esslinger, founder of Frog, and The Steve, as part of the Snow White design language applied to the IIc and original Mac. It was unveiled by Esslinger's son last year, who described the thought process going on between Jobs and his father as not only thinking about the drinking glass, but the very nature of thirst itself. It will be at Gizmodo Gallery this December 4th-7th, in NYC, along with another Apple Prototype which I will save for the exhibit itself. I hope you can come. Till then, if you know anything about this device and can give me some back story, I'd love to hear it. [Gizmodo Gallery]

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Gizmodo Gallery
Reed Annex
151 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Gizmodo Gallery Reader Meetup
The reader meetup takes place across the street from the Gallery, at a place called The Annex (not to be confused with REED ANNEX where the gallery is hosted.) The address is 152 Orchard Street and we'll be there at 9 PM SHARP on Friday December 5th.

Gallery Dates:
December 4th-7th

12/4 Thursday

12/5 Friday

12/6 Saturday

12/7 Sunday

[Read more about our Gizmodo Gallery here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.]


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