Catching Up: Politics = Scary. Puppies = Crazy Yarn Face

Jason, How did your Halloween go? I'm really proud of Matt for writing that political tech piece today. I think it was well put, but you can always count on flames when you put something like that on a tech blog. Not so with puppies. We just got one.When I met Lisa, she had a miniature pincher named Ruby. We felt like she needed a friend so we picked up another one last week in Tucson after my cousin's wedding in Phoenix. His breeder was nice, although we suffered a touch of culture shock out there. They had a gun shop built into their house, I kid you not. The dog's name was Malcolm, which we intended to change. If you say, "Malcolm, COME!" it sounds silly. So we came up with a long list on vacation last month in anticipation. The top three included Esteban (From the Life Aquatic), Battlecat and Martin (named after a cool chateau we stayed in in France, not Martin Lawrence). But he seemed to know his name, so we didn't change it...too much. Now his name is Malky, which is Short for Malcolm Little. He's a little bastard, who I have to walk every 3 hours or he pees in the house. He also pees after walking for an hour outside, inside the house. We're going to puppy school soon. And he's going to get his balls chopped off at the vet, which should help with the marking of everything.

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That's a photo of him in a sweater, because its freezing in SF compared to Arizona, and I think I'm yelling "CRAZY YARN FACE CRAZY YARN FACE" at him because he's really crazy when he plays with yarn on his face. And yes, I feel self conscious walking a 10 pound dog, but that's the price you pay for having a dog you can carry-on to Tokyo. Here are my three favorite posts today, aside from Matt's post endorsing Tech: • Herman Miller Embody Review: The Best Chair We've Ever Sat OnNew MacBooks Disable Pwnage Tool, Open Second Front in War on JailbreakingAndroidBoy Gives the G1 Some Overdue Emulation Fun

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

"And he's going to get his balls chopped off"

Actually, they don't chop them off, they... remove them from the sack, which will remain.

I hope I ruined somebodies night with that info.